Thursday, October 8, 2009

My ongoing praise list...

* A couple of housing possibilities
* Food in the pantry and refrigerator
* Gifts from dear friends (some anonymous) to pay for necessities
* Health insurance
* A wonderful church with a Godly Pastor and unified congregation.
* Encouraging friends in the area.
* An amazing godly family on both sides that encourages and supports us!
* A beautiful marriage of communication, friendship, and love. I am so grateful for my husband!
* A laptop where I can keep in contact with friends and family far away!
* My piano. It not only is wonderful because I have it to teach, but it adds joy to our household as well.
* Freedom to worship God and to share about Him with others.
* Gift cards
* Michael winning random contests and getting a gift card and movie tickets
* Clothing to wear
* a music book as a surprise gift from my sweet sis-in-law :-D
* Luke’s Ministry to us DTS students (the school has a food pantry and clothing closet)
* Michael's job at Interstate Batteries. While so many people are out of work, he has a job that has full benefits. Not only a blessing, but a miracle!
* A beautiful, happy, content son
* Amazing friends and prayer partners over the world.
* Believing and knowing that God is good, He loves me, and I am His.
* The possibility of going home to NC for Christmas and New Years
* The beautiful Fall. It makes me so happy to eat pumpkin flavored yummies and step on crunchy leaves as I walk.
* Hearing my son say MaMa and DaDa. :-D
* Friends who brought meals and groceries when I was SO sick a few weeks ago.

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