Thursday, June 14, 2012

Has it really been four years?

Four years ago, I dressed up in a beautiful white gown, placed a tiara and veil on my curled hair, and walked down the aisle to marry my handsome prince. There were a few hitch's along the way, but what mattered most is that you were waiting for me as I walked down on my father's arm. I remember that I wasn't nervous at all, just so excited to be joining together with you on the journey of life. 

It has been a whirlwind of seminary, 2 adorable children, moving several times, full time ministry, and so much more! We pledged in "sickness and in health" and it's been both. "For richer and for poorer" and it's definitely been more of the latter. :-P Still, God has always been faithful and I love Michael more today than ever before. 

Happy 4th anniversary darling! I look forward to loving you for the next 60 years.

"The Ribbon Roads keep rolling,
By castle and shore
I remember every rhythm
Of wild ocean roar
There we have wandered
As dream dwellers roam
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
From long, long ago

The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
Unbroken and free
Full of hidden memory
That calls you and me
If footsteps could whisper
They surely would tell
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
With songs they know well

Oh my love and friend of mine
Walk with me till the end of time
Hold my hand mile after mile

Oh the Ribbon Roads keep rolling
They’re heavy with sighs
They seem like shining rivers
In rain-blackened skies
But here comes the morning
In crimson and green
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
As they’ve always been

Oh the Ribbon Roads keep rolling
From dusk until dawn
The road that we have taken
Has taken us on
We see where we came from
And see distant bends
The Ribbon Roads keep rolling
Till our journey ends…"
Keith Getty


Our sweet baby girl, Everlynn was born February 6. she is SUCH a happy blessing!

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