Friday, March 18, 2011

hello life...

It has been a myriad of emotions for me living in Michigan. It has been so dark, gray and cold. I am excited to see the area now that the snow has melted (a girl can hope, right?).

We absolutely love our new church family. They have been so welcoming and loving to us. We really do feel privileged to work with the teens and see Christ working in their lives. :-) We already love them so much and pray for them every day.

The house search is going well. We have a wonderful Realtor from our church. Our lives have been so very busy that we have only had the chance to go and look at houses once, but we are constantly looking at listings and praying that God will lead us to the one He wants us to have. :-)

Hudson is growing so fast and constantly amazes us at his quick learning and joyful personality. I enjoy our times of reading and playing together so much. His favorite things in the world are cars, his "bebe" (little puppy blanky he sleeps with), and mama and papa. :-) I've started working with him to sit with us in church. He is a bundle of energy so it may take a while. :-P Any tips would be appreciated. He definitely has a little will of his own and we pray that it will be used to the glory of God someday, but right now we are working on taming it. :-P

Michael is super busy with school and church work. He will walk in the DTS graduation in May, but will receive his degree upon the completion of his thesis in July. We can't wait! It has been an amazing journey, but we are definitely ready for him to be done with papers, exams, and school. Even with the pressures of everything outside our home, he remains sweet, caring, and wonderful. I sure do love my husband!

My parents came for a week-long visit the beginning of March and boy was it fun! It definitely went by way too fast though. My mom really helped me organize and de-clutter! I get to see them again in June when my "little" brother Philip gets married to his sweet Ellen (kind of weird to see him actually old enough to marry).

I try to stay busy with my little home and taking care of my boys. I also spend a lot of time drawing and trying to get my art business off the ground (The Vintage Canvas). I am looking forward to making some friends up here to do things with! I really need a girl's night. :-D

Prayer requests for our family...
* That we can be available to the teens when they need us!
* That Michael can finish school on time and for the glory of God!
* My health... going to dr's soon to try to pinpoint some things.
* That Hudson would be obedient and we can try to skip the "terrible twos" ;-)
* That I can be the wife and mother He wants me to be.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Swaddler on the planet...

Just wanted to give a shout out to this miracle product. I know that sounds overly sensational, but I can attest to the fact that it helped my baby sleep through the night completely by three months old. :-D

Hudson loved it too. He looked just like a little burrito. :-)

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